restoring continence, sexual wellness & physical health to people of all ages

Support & Treatment

We provide support and treatment for the following in men, women and children:

    • Pelvic floor weakness
    • Incontinence (leakage) of urine or faeces
    • Urinary frequency and urgency (weeing often and can't hold on)
    • Getting up to the toilet often at night and/or bed wetting
    • Constipation/Haemorrhoids/Anal Fissures/Bowel and Rectal pain
    • Overactive/tight pelvic floor muscles
    • Pelvic Pain
    • Pelvic girdle or groin pain


In women:

    • Pelvic organ prolapse
    • Painful sexual intercourse
    • Pelvic pain including pain in the lower abdomen, vulval area, rectum and vagina
    • Frequent bladder/urinary tract infections
    • Menopause - treatment for related changes to bladder, bowel and sexual health/pain with sexual intercourse


In men and women:

    • Pain with sexual intercourse or erectile dysfunction
    • Pain in the vulval area (called vulvodynia) or pain in the scrotum and penis
    • Pelvic pain (including endometriosis, prostate and abdominal pain)
    • Painful Bladder syndrome or Interstitial cystitis
    • Pre and post operative advice and treatment for breast, pelvic, abdominal, gynaecological, bladder or prostate surgery
    • Scar tissue assessment and treatment especially in the abdomen and vagina


In pregnancy and after birth:

    • Pelvic floor muscle check  - learn to get the technique correct and gain confidence!
    • Pelvic girdle, symphysis pubis, hip, buttock or back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Advice on exercise, back care, stretches, posture, getting to sleep, diet, perineal massage, abdominal separation
    • Coping strategies for labour - positioning, relaxation/breathing and massage
    • Treatment for pain after childbirth - swollen and bruised perineum, stitches/scar tissue, haemorrhoids, blocked milk ducts, mastitis, pelvic girdle pain and/or lower back pain
    • Poor bladder sensation, leakage of urine or faeces, pain in bladder and bowels, seperated abdominal muscles
    • Caeserean scar massage and management advice
    • Advice on returning to sport and appropriate exercises


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