restoring continence, sexual wellness & physical health to people of all ages
Restore Physiotherapy Online Shop is OPEN over the holiday period. Expect some delays in deliver times from Dec 29th - Jan 1st and Jan 4-8th.
The ability to hire a TENS MACHINE FOR LABOUR is available, pick up is from an address in Stoke via prior agreement. 
Thanks for your support and stay safe over the holiday period!

Physio Fees

Sharon is currently availbale to offer online consultations only, these are available and arranged at a time to suit you.
Online, Skype or Phone Consultations                $180 (initial consultation)  
  $100   (1/2 hour follow up consultation)
If needed, there are additional costs to hire equipment and therapeutic products.
The following payments are accepted:
  • Credit card
  • Bank deposit 

Support & Treatment

We provide support and treatment for the following in men, women and children:

    • Pelvic floor weakness
    • Incontinence (leakage) of urine or faeces
    • Urinary frequency and urgency (weeing often and can't hold on)
    • Getting up to the toilet often at night and/or bed wetting
    • Constipation/Haemorrhoids/Anal Fissures/Bowel and Rectal pain
    • Overactive/tight pelvic floor muscles
    • Pelvic Pain
    • Pelvic girdle or groin pain


    In women:

      • Pelvic organ prolapse
      • Painful sexual intercourse
      • Pelvic pain including pain in the lower abdomen, vulval area, rectum and vagina
      • Frequent bladder/urinary tract infections
      • Menopause - treatment for related changes to bladder, bowel and sexual health/pain with sexual intercourse


      In men and women:

        • Pain with sexual intercourse or erectile dysfunction
        • Pain in the vulval area (called vulvodynia) or pain in the scrotum and penis
        • Pelvic pain (including endometriosis, prostate and abdominal pain)
        • Painful Bladder syndrome or Interstitial cystitis
        • Pre and post operative advice and treatment for breast, pelvic, abdominal, gynaecological, bladder or prostate surgery
        • Scar tissue assessment and treatment especially in the abdomen and vagina


        In pregnancy and after birth:

          • Pelvic floor muscle check  - learn to get the technique correct and gain confidence!
          • Pelvic girdle, symphysis pubis, hip, buttock or back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome
          • Advice on exercise, back care, stretches, posture, getting to sleep, diet, perineal massage, abdominal separation
          • Coping strategies for labour - positioning, relaxation/breathing and massage
          • Treatment for pain after childbirth - swollen and bruised perineum, stitches/scar tissue, haemorrhoids, blocked milk ducts, mastitis, pelvic girdle pain and/or lower back pain
          • Poor bladder sensation, leakage of urine or faeces, pain in bladder and bowels, seperated abdominal muscles
          • Caeserean scar massage and management advice
          • Advice on returning to sport and appropriate exercises


          * Contact Sharon for a 5 min phone chat to see how we can help you!