restoring continence, sexual wellness & physical health to people of all ages

Sharon's Background and the Birth of Restore Physiotherapy

I grew up in Nelson and attended all the Nayland schools. In 1995 I went to Otago University where I completed a Bachelor Degree in Physiotherapy (BPhty) and in 1999 I spent the year studying at Lifeway College, Snells Beach. In 2000 I married and after a short time living in Gore, where I worked at Gore and Winton Physiotherapy - we moved to Kalgoorlie in Western Australia and lived there for the next 10 years.

Kalgoorlie is dear to my heart as that is where I had my 3 awesome children (Jahmon, Jye and Leilani), made lifelong treasured friendships at 24x7 Church and discovered an area of Physiotherapy that I love – Continence and Pelvic Health.

Over my time in WA I worked at Kalgoorlie Hospital on the Maternity Ward and Outpatient Department. For the last 2 years I was the Senior Community Physiotherapist. I have treated and/or educated thousands of women throughout all life stages including pregnant, post natal, midlife, menopausal, elderly and surgical patients; I assisted midwives on the ward with bladder and perineum care after birth and helped take antenatal classes. I also had the delight of working at the Goldfields Women’s Health Care Centre where I ran a Clinic for all problems relating to the bladder and bowel, pain with sexual intercourse and vulvodynia (pain in the vulval area). I enjoyed providing community based pelvic floor information sessions. I also travelled out into remote WA to offer a service to Aboriginal and mining communities.

My family and I returned to Nelson in Dec 2010 and since then have enjoyed the Nelson lifestyle. My husband, Steve is a builder and a keen hunter. 

Restore Physiotherapy began in January 2011 and was started out of a passionate desire to offer caring, friendly and specialised pelvic floor physiotheapy to men, women and children.

The business has steadily grown thanks to word-of-mouth and recommmendations from GP's and specialists.

I offer my time (usually for free) to give educational talks to the Nelson Parenting Centre, Hospital run antenatal classes, church and charity groups, fitness groups and gyms.