restoring continence, sexual wellness & physical health to people of all ages

What We Offer

As a Physiotherapist I offer you a friendly professional approach, we love our job and have a passion to see our patients healed and restored. We smile a lot, enjoy a laugh, give you quality time and are willing to listen to your story with a compassionate ear.

When you come in for an appointment this is what to expect:
  • to be introduced to ourselves
  • to be asked questions in relation to what you feel is your main problem(s), questions related to your health, work, medical investigations, obstetric history, surgical history, medical background, hormone status, exercise habits, types of incontinence experienced and how severe/often/amount leaked, fluid intake, toileting position, toileting habits, prolapse symptoms, sexual symptoms, bowel function, diet, pad use and medication.
  • what happens next is always individualised and entirely up to you but usually an assessment related to finding the causes of the problems occurs eg. posture, pelvis, hip, spine, scar tissue, perineum or pelvic floor.
  • the pelvic floor can be assessed by using an ultrasound machine placed on the skin of your lower abdomen which shows a picture of your bladder and movement of your pelvic floor (appropriate when pregnant, early after childbirth, when menstruating or if you are elderly)
  • the most accurate and informative way the pelvic floor muscles are assessed is by a vaginal (or rectal) examination. Before this happens a detailed explanation is always given detailing the reasons why an exam is appropriate, what to expect and written permission is obtained. You always have the right to say no to an vaginal or rectal exam before or during one is done.
  • home exercises are normally always given, as well as other homework/diaries to gather further information.

As Physiotherapist's we don't rush you and push you into sharing info you don't want to. Treatment is based on symptoms and assessment findings, there are many options that we can choose. The number of appointments needed is individualised. Factors that affect this is the severity of symptoms, willingness to do home exercise programs, response to exercises, willingness to change lifestyle habits, your finances and other factors.

We have the latest equipment to assess your pelvic floor muscles including a real time ultrasound machine. We also have a treatment ultrasound machine which is effective at reducing pain and promote healing. Ultrasound is used to treat mastitis/blocked milk ducts, bruising and swelling around stitches, painful scar tissue and haemorrhoid's; leading to faster healing, reduced pain, an improved ability to sit and move.

We have many sets of vaginal dilators, TENS machines, EMG machines, muscle stimulation machines, pelvic floor weights and many more gadgets!!!
We use models, posters, diagrams and charts to help you understand the pelvic and vulval area and what is causing your problems.

A combined management approach is important. So that if needed a referral to other treatment providers can include GP's, Nurses, Midwives, Gynaecologists, Obstetricians, Urologists, Sex therapists, Psychologists, Oncologists, Endocrinologists and others. Restore Physiotherapy is based at the INP Medical Clinic which is a great, lively place to work; the Nurses and Doctors that work there are passionate about what they do, highly skilled and a referral to a Doctor or Nurse can be easily arranged if needed.