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Skype Consultations

Not everyone has access to a Physiotherapist that works in Pelvic Health.
So Sharon and Celia offer Skype or phone consultations - a unique opportunity for you to receive excellent physiotherapy care without the travel!!
The appointment would involve:
  • Information handouts and bladder diary information sent via email prior to skyping or calling
  • Sharing skype addresses and contacting eachother for a prearranged one hour consultation
  • Consultation via skype or phone and initial education and treatment started
  • Follow up skype or phone consultation where appropriate and within appropriate time span
  • Further material sent and if beneficial self-help books to be purchased from Restore Physiotherapy
Initial consultation including email contact and information sent via email = $200.00
Follow up consultation and extra information sent via email = $120.00
Please contact us for more information and to arrange an appointment. Looking forward to meeting up!
(Skype appointments are designed to offer an alternative for people who live in remote areas and in areas where a specialised physiotherapist is not available. Progress and improvements in symptoms can be gained from conservative treatments, education and lifestyle changes. Skype consultations has limitations in being able to diagnose conditions and can't offer practical hands on treatment. Skype appointments are a great way to start treatment before coming to Nelson to see us).