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Osbon ErecAid Classic Manual Pump

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The Osbon ErecAid Classic pump is a popular pump, effective and easy to use.
The Classic Manual System is the original model which was created by Osbon, and is still quite confidently sold around the world.
This system is the cheapest in cost, but just as effective as the other models.The system comes complete with:
  • 1 x Lever Style hand pump;
  • 1 x cylinder;
  • 1 x tubing
  • 4 x  varying tension rings (A, B, C and D)
  • one tube of the Water Based Lubricant;
  • a User Guide and instructional DVD.  
The Classic System differs from the ErecAid Esteem systems in two ways:
  1. It does not have a ring-loading mechanism.  You will need to have enough manual dexterity to stretch the quite firm tension rings onto the end of the cylinder with fingers and thumbs. For this reason, we do not recommend the Classic System for men with chronic arthritis; Parkinson's disease or spinal injury.
  2. It is a two-handed operation.  One hand holds the hand pump, and the other holds the cylinder firmly against the body.  This in itself, does not present a problem, you just have to, at some point, be near a table/ bed/ vanity unit in order to put the hand pump down, so that you have one hand free to release the tension ring off the end of the cylinder.
This device has a one year warranty and a 90 day money back guarantee (see below for more details)
The American Urology Association has stated that vacuum therapy devices are a safe and effective, non-invasive treatment for erectile dysfunction. Penile injections, urethral inserts, oral medications, and implant surgery can have harmful side effects, require frequent doctor visits, and become quite expensive. Being a medically rated vaccum penis pump; it has been proven to successfully treat impotence in over 90% of men. In addition to its effectiveness, this pump system offers unique design features and a level of durability that surpasses other pumps.



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Included in the kit:
  • 1 x ErecAid Esteem Manual pump
  • 4 x varying tension rings (A, B, C and D)
  • 1 x Water-based Lubricant
  • a User Guide
  • an Instructional DVD
  • a convenient zippered carry bag for storage and transportation
Replacement parts are available but not kept in stock, happy to order them in for you.


Osbon ErecAid Classic Manual pump dimensions:

Tube Length:    21.5 cm    
Tube diameter 5 cm
Sleeve diameter
Manufacturer Timm Osbon
Using a Penis Pump after a Prostatectomy
  • This has been the main motivation to sell penis pumps in my clinic and in my online store.
  • If you are a beginner pump user then I recommend you start with the Pumpworx or Renegade pumps or the Hercules Hydropump and upgrade to other Bathmate models, if greater suction and function is desired later on especially for sexual function.
  • You can use a penis pump to help promote blood supply to the penis, maintain the tissue flexibility and ability of the penis to expand and stretch, encourage nerve response.
  • Is recommended to be used with viagra or cialis which may help speed up sexual recovery after surgery, speak to your specialist or GP about medication.
  • As a general rule you start pumping 6 weeks after the surgery. Please speak to your specialist or pelvic floor physiotherapist for their recommendations first.
  • Starting later than 6 weeks maybe needed if you have had any post-op complications, have tender scarring etc.
  • For sexual intercourse use the pump to obtain an erection and then place a constriction or C ring over the base of the penis to maintain the erection. Works best when there is some natural and spontaneous erectile function in the penis. 
Researched evidence for use of Penis Pumps after Prostatectomy:
  • are highly effective in inducing erections regardless of the cause of erectile dysfunction (ED).
  • can be used in the early stages of penile rehabilitation until the nerves have healed sufficiently for drug treatments to work.
  • when used early can facilitate earlier sexual intercourse.
  • has a greater patient/spousal sexual satisfaction.
  • can maintain penis size and length.
  • can lead to an earlier return to natural erections.
  • have a high satisfaction score and many men continue to use them long-term.
  • have a low risk of side effects especially when compared to drug treatments and therefore they have a greater potential to be used by many patients.
  • has the potential to mimic more closely natural physiology.
  • has shown to be a very cost-effective way of treating ED over the long-term.
Starting off:
  • It is recommended you gradually build up the frequently and length of time you use the pump for. You should aim to have no discomfort, swelling or pain.
  • General guidelines: Use pump 5-7 times/week. Pump and create erect penis, leave erect in pump for 3-5mins, deflate vacumn pump, wait 1 minute - repeat this 3 times/session.
  • Initially the penis may be sensitive after use, many men do not find it comfortable to have sex immediately after using their pump. However this sensitivity may reduce over time.
  • YOU CAN OVER PUMP! If you start off too aggresively, pump too hard, too quickly, too often and leave it on too long you can cause your penis to become bruised, sore and develop blood blisters (called petechial bleeds from burst small blood vessels). Expect some of these changes in mild forms in the first few weeks but they should resolve.
  • Always observe teh penis for changes as you pump.
General directions of Use:

Prior to using your penis pump:

  • Trim the pubic hair to ensure a good seal around the base of the penis.
  • Apply a small amount of lubricant to the head and base of the penis, if you want to.
  1. Massage the penis to encourage blood flow (a semi erect penis can be easier to insert into a penis pump).
  2. Insert your flaccid penis at the entrance of the pump or your semi-erect penis into the pump.
  3. Position the pump evenly around the base of the penis.
  4. Squeeze handle and you will feel the pressure increase and the penis will be sucked into the chamber. Continue until your penis is fully erect. When your penis is fully erect, you should notice an increase in suction. 
  5. Press the release button to release the pressure.
  6. General recommedations for penile health: pump and create erect penis, leave erect in pump for 3-5mins, deflate vacumn pump, wait 1 minute - repeat this 3 times/session. 5-7 sessions/week.
  7. Do not use for more than 20-30mins at one time.
  8. To remove the pump press the release/off button and this will reduce the suction.


Health Warning

It is not safe (is contraindicated) to use a pump if you have a  bleeding disorder or on anti-coagulant therapy.

We recommend seeking medical advice before using a penis pump if you have any of the following medical conditions:

  • Bleeding disorders
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Respiratory problems
  • Stroke
  • Epilepsy
  • Diabetes type one or two
  • Urinary, bladder, testicular or penile problems

 90 day return warranty

This is a 90 day period where the customer has time to ascertain if he can get the system working for him. It does not cover men who change their mind after purchase.  It is for men who are not able to obtain a satisfactory result – and gives them the ability to get their money back.  Customers need to make contact on two occasions via email or phone and speak with a technician.  They need to try to do what the technician advises.  Usually this corrects the problem and there is no need to return the device.   If after two calls (or more) to our technicians, the customer is still unhappy with the result, the return of the device can be authrosied.  The device then needs to be posted to Australia at the customers cost, and OSBON Australia reimburses the original purchase price, less the cost of a tube of lubricant and one tension ring, and refund the rest.





Shipping Costs

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  • Flat rate rural delivery - $11 (Courier delivery, tracked, without signature, Monday to Friday delivery)
  • FREE SHIPPING for purchases over $150 placed online (excludes over the phone or email orders). $6 rural fee still applies. Max 3 items. Conditions apply.
  • Bulky and oversized items (ie. pumps). Might be sent via NZ Post standard parcel post and not courier
International Shipping:
  • We are happy to post items overseas. Contact us for more information.