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Millions of women are suffering in silence, guilty that they can't get their bowels to work 'normally'. They don't get understanding from the medical profession and they are desperate for help. What is normal anyway? This book is the ultimate in women's liberation - free yourself from the pain, stress and anxiety caused by constipation for good!

In his clear and easy-to-read style Bowel Specialist Dr Levitt - 

  • explores the myths of good bowel health
  • shows by example how to overcome problems that can affect your life and health
  • Helps you discover why:
    1. There is no 'law' that says you must have your bowels open every day.
    2. If you're judging your bowel's performance on that of your male partner, you're likely to be misled.
    3. You don't have to rush off to the toilet at the first inkling of an urge to go.
    4. Sluggish bowels generally don't just fix themselves. They need to be managed.
    5. Eating more fibre is often not the answer and can in fact worsen your bowel problems.
    6. All bowels are not created equal - this is no cause for embarrassment.
    7. Taking laxatives every day to ensure that your bowels open can cause more problems than it cures.
    8. Warnings that prolonged use of laxatives can be harmful do not apply to every laxative.
    9. Herbal/stimulant laxatives can be habit-forming if used regularly.
    10. The root of your problems isn't the 'dose of salts' your Nanna used to make you take - in fact, Nanna was on the right track!


This is the treatment approach I use as a Physiotherapist for women who have always had difficulty opening their bowels and should be diagnosed with slow transit constipation or sluggish bowels. These are women who don't often respond to a diet overloaded with fibre and water. My patients are so grateful to finally have a solution and it's a delight to watch them become liberated  -  Sharon, from Restore Physiotherapy.

The product recommended in this book (Colocaps) is only currently available from Australia and can be purchased from an Australian online pharmacy. An alternative product available in NZ and from my website is called Mg Lax. The exact amount of magnesium sulphate in Mg Lax may vary from Colocaps so response can vary but it still works amazingly. Mg Lax is perfect for taking travelling overseas - many women's bowels slow-down with travelling and change in routine.  

Buy this book today, implement the simple strategy using magnesium sulphate (Mg Lax sold as separate product) and free yourself from the pain and stress of constipation.

About the Author:
Michael Levitt is a respected Australian colorectal surgeon in Perth, WA -

  • Author of The Bowel Book, first published in 2002
  • Sought after public speaker. 
  • Awarded the Centenary Medal in 2003 for services to public education about bowel cancer
  • He established an enviable reputation, in particular for his management of patients with constipation and evacuation disorders.
  • In 2005, Dr Levitt co-founded Colocap Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd to help produce a more palatable laxative for use in his own practice.
  • The Other Women's Movement is his second medical book, and introduces his novel approach to understanding and treating the problems associated with sluggish bowels and disordered rectal evacuation.



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